M Sustainability is a small consultancy with a holistic approach to facilitating sustainable solutions, to help clients reach their sustainability aims.

We are experienced in working with multi disciplinary teams and have an understanding of the processes involved which helps to inform the support that we provide.

We consider many varied aspects in our holistic approach and this is something that is considered within our own practice as well as within any guidance offered to others. We are excited to be engaging in creating a more sustainable future and always enjoy working with others to consider and innovate.

Laura the lead consultant has worked within sustainable consultancy for over six years, and is interested in a range of different aspects of sustainable approaches. She has worked within Architects, Mechanical and Electrical and multi disciplinary practices, enjoys the range of different approaches and perspectives and brings dedication to both large and small projects.

Laura started out on a range of domestic assessments and projects for Housing Associations before developing her skills to approach energy assessments, innovative domestic refurbishment before moving into a range of different non domestic buildings. Laura is committed to Continuous Professional Development, the constant changes and new developments bring satisfaction and new excitement to the profession.

Laura enjoys working with local energy groups, and community liaisons and previously has been involved with Bristol Energy Network and Easton Energy Group.

She is qualified in Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM Domestic refurbishment, BREEAM Accredited Professional, On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor, BREEAM Retail, Industrial and offices, BREEAM Multi Residential. She also has a masters degree in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies.

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