BRE Non Domestic Refurbishment and Fit Out

Feedback and Changes to the latest scheme from the BRE.

On Thursday the 30th of October, M Sustainability attended the briefing for BRE’s new scheme for non domestic refurbishment.

This is a new scheme and previously buildings that would fall under this category have been assessed under an older version (2008), but as BRE and several of our clients have pointed out it is always beneficial to assess your building under a scheme that is tailored to better fit the needs and relevant criteria of the specific building.

In recent years sustainability has been moving towards improving existing houses, there have been studies on how best to go about improving existing stock, and debate on what will make most impact on our carbon emissions.

Currently non domestic buildings account for 18% of UK carbon emissions, so this an area that can have considerable influence in reducing CO2 in the UK.

On Case studies that BRE have undertaken for the scheme, aside from reducing CO2 emissions, they have stated that there have been savings made through scheme implementation of up to £50K, and with sections like Health and Wellbeing scoring particularly high a number of cases such as daylighting and indoor air quality they have also improved conditions of the building users making the buildings nicer places to be.

Our existing buildings are part of a rich history and many cities have beautiful buildings lying in disrepair, it would be great if we could through these schemes improve on what is already there and provide a rich legacy for future occupants.

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