BRE will be launching it’s new homes standard at Ecobuild 2015,

The new version of BREEAM has been released, 2014 is only slightly different to 2010. BRE say the update is to take account of the changes in national standards and government policy.

BRE have created the new BREEAM document to support the following aims in terms of evidence:

Evidence provided for all the criteria: every single element including sub headings should be covered by the evidence provided

Unambiguous evidence- unambiguous compliance

Robust- relevant to the stage and containing basic information

Existing evidence- based on information produced by the design team.

The key point in terms of weightings, 4% has been taken from the Energy section which has been distributed for 1% each over waste, materials, water and transport.

There are three new issues being addressed within the new scheme these are:

Adaptability to Climate Change Wst 05 structural stability and ability to withstand changing climate conditions

Functional Adaptability Wst 06 Design for ease of replacement for major plant and other major building features, adaptability of layout to allow for changes in use over the years.

Mat 06 Material efficiency to recognise and encourage measures to optimise material efficiency to minimise environmental impact of material use and waste.

The new issues are more flexible and are developed to allow the areas to grow in terms of requirements, designing buildings that will be habitable for 100’s of years with small and manageable adaptations seems to be a key feature.

It will be interesting to take these to design teams and see how they envision incorporating these features!

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