The BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP), as a member of the design team will facilitate clear and appropriate target setting for sustainability and environmental goals, tailored to the individual project and using their broad knowledge of different sustainability and adaptation approaches.

On a practical level the AP will be confident in assisting the design team navigating the various environmental legislation involved in building development from Pre Planning through to Post Construction, and everything in between.

The AP can provide guidance in finding the most appropriate combination of credits that will ensure that the project is both cost effective and runs smoothly through the BREEAM process, whilst still achieving all targets.

Through strong communication between the AP and design team will seek a full understanding.

At Pre Planning the AP will seek to identify the sustainability targets and look for the sustainability strengths and challenges of the individual projects, and talk through with the design team their ideas and aspirations for the project.

At Design Stage these issues will discussed in detail and written documents will serve as a guideline to achieving these goals, any issues or challenges will be identified, analysed and resolved. The AP will keep the team informed of changes and adaptations, and ensure that the project is on track to achieve their goals.

At Post Construction Stage the Accredited Professional will be available to review progress and help with any issues that arise at an early stage to ensure that these are resolved with minor impact on the overall project, they will assist in ensuring compliant, robust evidence can be produced. They can provide advice to contractors on how to achieve credits.

At all stages our BREEAM AP (Accredited Professional) will bring enthusiasm and specialist sustainability knowledge to the project.

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