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Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes is an environmental standard for domestic buildings in the UK.

The standard covers the following sections:

Code For Sustainable Homes Issues

Surface Water Run off
Health and Well Being

When your project is undergoing the Code Assessment there are some minimum standards, such as internal water usage and energy standards. But for the most part the credits are weighted, and you can adapt the assessment to suit the building. The code was designed to encourage continuous improvement within sustainable building.

There are 6 different levels within the Code for Sustainable Homes. Usually Code Level 3 is requested by planning or other regulatory bodies. However Wales has adopted Code Level 4 for Energy requirements, and it was previously thought that Code Level 6 would be targeted by 2016, (Code Level 6 is thought to be “Zero Carbon” although this definition is hotly debated)

When undertaking a Code Assessment, usually there will be a preliminary assessment, a design stage assessment and a Post Construction review.

At the preliminary stage the development will be considered and the credits that are most appropriate identified. A guide map will be provided to show how the development can achieve the desired rating.

At the Design stage these credits will be considered by the design team and checked against the developments capabilities, adjustments can be made and there will be a commitment by the design team to achieve credits.

At the Post Construction Review stage, evidence will be provided to show how the issues have been achieved, and a site visit will confirm that design stage commitments have been actioned.

Code for Sustainable Homes assessment is a good tool to enable developers to convey the quality of their design to future occupants or owners. The Code for Sustainable Homes makes certain that future home owners can see the features of their homes that make them long lasting.


Please find the link to details of Code for Sustainable Homes criteria here.

Or find a case study of a recent code job here.


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