Simplified Building Energy Models are used to model the energy usage in Non Domestic Buildings. The documents produced by this calculation are used to satisfy part L2 of Building regulations requirements, they can also be used to support BREEAM assessments. They show the energy used for lighting, heating and cooling in non-domestic buildings, creating a comparable model based on insulation, air tightness and efficiency of building services.

The SBEM modelling process takes in account the area of all walls, floors, roofs and windows. It takes in account heating, cooling and hot water requirements, and the efficacy of these services. It takes into account the level of lighting efficacy of the light fittings.

It is now a requirement of building regulations to produce SBEM Calculations for all new build ‘non dwellings’.

There are two stages to an SBEM, Design Stage to ensure that the design meets all the relevant criteria of the developments specific requirements and As Built, which is required for an EPC to be issued.

We will calculate your U values and advise on possible changes that will ensure that the building has lowest possible running costs and highest environmental standards, whilst still staying true to your design.

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