For planning statements to renewables energy policy confirmation, these can help confirm and illustrate a developments sustainability aims and intentions.

Most Planning Authorities now request a Sustainability Statement as part of the planning application, the type of statement requested will usually reflect that particular areas environmental aspirations, but will usually include:

Energy targets, including a provision for onsite Renewable energy generation Surface Water run-off and flooding considerations, to ensure that there is no greater strain placed on the existing sewerage and watercourse infrastructure. Waste to ensure that any development uses innovative ways to reduce waste streams onsite during construction and operation.

Sustainability Statements will need to be tailored to the specific projects strengths and to the Planning Authority’s Sustainability Objectives. It is important when approaching Sustainability Statements to ensure that the Sustainability objectives are clear and achievable so that it can run throughout the stages of the development.

The Sustainability Statement can be seen as a framework to provide an initial guide map to the developments Sustainability targets, and identify possible areas that will need additional work and this can be integrated into the design. The earlier that potential pitfalls are identified the easier it is to find a suitable resolution. Therefore taking a broad picture of the developments sustainability designs at an early stage can be useful.

The Sustainability Statement can identify areas which can be targeted by the design team and show routes to test out innovation within the Design, and challenge the design team to reach new levels of sustainability within their designs.

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